My Healthy L.I.F.E. Weight Control Program


Are you ready to control your weight?

Good.  Then you have come to the right place.  

My Healthy L.I.F.E. Program is a personal trainer/health coach designed lifestyle and weight management course that will help you lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.  This will be accomplished through a 12 week e-course developed to educate and empower you, delivered directly to your inbox.  Lessons cover topics on lifestyle intervention, food and exercise. 

It has been said that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise (or some variation there of).  Actually, weight loss is 100% lifestyle, 100% nutrition and 100% exercise.  This whole person approach is essential for lasting change to occur.


What the  My Healthy L.I.F.E. program is:

My L.I.F.E. stands for Lifestyle Intervention, Food and Exercise.  It is:

  • A personal trainer/health coach designed online weight control and healthy living program.
  • A comprehensive, goal orientated program based on behavioral changes.
  • An educational tool on making healthier food choices and becoming more active in order for you to make positive lifestyle changes and be healthier.


How is the My Healthy L.I.F.E. Program delivered?

  • You will receive an email three times a week for twelve weeks. 
  • Each email will cover a topic related to Lifestyle, Food or Exercise and a ‘to do’ activity related to that topic
  • The course is easy to read, easy to understand and the small steps in each lesson make it easy to implement.  

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What the My Healthy L.I.F.E. Program is not:

  • There is no gimmick.
  • There are no supplements, no shakes, no equipment or anything else to purchase.
  • There is no crazy diet or food combinations to follow.
  • There are no extreme exercise programs


What the My L.I.F.E. Program includes:

  • Weekly educational topics with goal sheets related to those topics.
  • Food and activity tracking sheets.
  • Additional worksheets  and “To Do” list.
  • A complete fitness assessment.
  • 40+ printable workout programs at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels that include a variety of exercise options to find an activity you enjoy.


Who should take My Healthy L.I.F.E. Program?

  • Individuals who wish to manage their weight or other conditions such as high stress, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Individuals who prefer to work independently or whose schedules or budgets don’t allow time for in person groups or classes.
  • Anyone wishing to improve their health, gain knowledge on ways to live a healthier life in safe, proven, long -term ways and be accountable to themselves for their behaviors.


Why the My L.I.F.E. Program?

You are the expert on you.  You alone know what changes you will be able to live with and maintain for the long term.  Throughout the duration of this course you will make small lifestyle changes that, over time, will lead to a healthier lifestyle and ultimately less weight.  A new habit can be formed in 3 weeks.  That means that you will be able to establish many new habits throughout the length of this the program.  You will then have the knowledge to continue making new, healthy habits for the rest of your life.  This program has already helped hundreds of people achieve weight loss through a healthier lifestyle. Don’t delay your results another day.  Get started now. 


As a personal trainer and health coach, these are the topics I work on with clients every day, now made available to everyone for the low price of $49.99.  That’s about the cost of one session with a trainer!


To get started, click the button below. 


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